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Ethnologue - SIL
An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,909 known living languages, of course including venetian (vec)
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IPA Fullchart - IPA
The IPA is the major as well as the oldest representative organisation for phoneticians. It was established in 1886 in Paris.
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Lexilogos - Xavier Nègre
Lexilogos vient du grec λεξίλογος : (c'est le site) qui recueille des mots. La lexilogie est aux mots ce que l'anthologie est aux poèmes. Ce nom vient du grec ἄνθος (fleur) et désigne à l'origine celui qui recueille des fleurs.
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Omniglot - Simon Ager
Omniglot is an encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. A guide to alphabets and languages, with useful foreign phrases, tips on learning languages, language-related links, multilingual texts, and much more.
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SIL International - Partners in Language Development - SIL
SIL serves language communities worldwide, building their capacity for sustainable language development, by means of research, translation, training and materials development.
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Stilven - Unive
Traduttore da italiano a dialetto veneto del laboratorio di linguistaca computazionale dell'Università di Venezia
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The linguist list -
The LINGUIST List is dedicated to providing information on language and language analysis, and to providing the discipline of linguistics with the infrastructure necessary to function in the digital world.



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